The need to keep pace with quickly changing technology has increased pressure and created conflict among priorities within highly leveraged IT departments.


Full system setup is provided using professional engineers to fully test all elements of the solution to ensure full system functionality.

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Cable Installation

A structured cabling system provides a foundational platform upon which an overall IT infrastructure is built.

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Physical Inventory

Service providers often need to baseline and validate client environments for effective support and refresh planning.

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Relocation & Shutdown

inoVo has managed a wide range of IT asset relocations from nationwide moves to smaller same-building repositioning.

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Managed Refresh

Ensuring that an enterprise-wide Information Technology project is successfully implemented is more complex than ever.

The project will be impacted by a number of significant factors, some of which will add major complexities to the project.

Our process focuses on meeting the two key challenges:

Reducing impacts, disruption and cost through effective organization and business change management

Efficient deployment of information systems and technology to a diverse and geographical distributed organization

Our on-site installation teams:

Verify that pre-installation service prerequisites are met
Schedule delivery of your service at a mutually agreeable time
Install the product
Run appropriate tests and diagnostics to ensure correct product installation
Provide the user with product orientation

On-Site Hardware Installation

Unpacking of equipment
Connection of power cords and networking cables
High-quality setup, configuration and deployment by certified technicians
Initial power-on tests to ensure equipment is functioning
Installation of various hardware components
Integration with existing network and systems

On-Site Software Installation

Our Software Installation service makes the process hassle-free. We can assist with installation and configuration of new, off-the-shelf software programs including productivity solutions, utilities, operating systems, antivirus and security programs and many others.

Physical Inventory

inoVo provides physical inventory counting and auditing services to all types of businesses.

A strong technology platform and skilled workforce enables us to efficiently and accurately perform financial, item level and service maintenance base lining count at an accuracy greater than 98%.  We incorporate the unique needs of each client into the process and provide a custom solution and reporting output.

We can collect one to one hundred data elements, and have the capability of incorporating custom defined fields, collect asset utilization data points, and user information not typically captured in traditional inventory counts.

Collection of asset data

Device serial numbers & firmware levels
Equipment configurations & utilization
Operating system & version level
Installed features & options
Equipment physical & virtual location

Asset Tagging

Delivery of a complete “baseline” inventory for initial asset management database population
Electronic reconciliation of the inventory count with your existing database
Customer defined electronic file format and reporting of results

Benefits to Your Business

Cost Savings – You’ll save valuable service delivery time by using us to count during business hours or on off-hours, such as on a Friday night through Sunday. Inventories can also be performed while portions of your facility are still operational, eliminating the need for downtime.

Independent Verification – Third party service providers act as an independent check against stated inventory landscape and value. As independent contractors, we can supply you with a true and unbiased picture of your physical inventory that is widely accepted by external auditors.

Complete Geographic Coverage – inoVo offers coverage throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and Europe to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Accuracy – You can count on the accuracy of our inventories, which results from experienced managers and clerks, a customized process to your specifications, an audit trail, and a superior attention to detail.

Experience – Counting more than 100,000 assets per year means inoVo has a wealth of experience that we can apply to your environment.

Cable Installation

Our engineers are skilled in wiring and network installation projects across the board.

Trained technicians install and troubleshoot all telecommunications data cabling, data jacks, data patch-panels, cable tray pathways, grounding and switches to assure project integrity.


Design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing and repair of VoIP network.

PBX & Key Telephone Systems

Design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing and repair of turn-key phone system network with integrated voicemail.

Video/Audio/Surveillance Security Systems

Design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing and repair of surveillance security cameras, Security DVR, CCTV, wall-mount TV bracket, HDMI cable, VGA cable, component cable, RCA cable, DVI cable, S-Video cable, Fiber optic cable and coaxial cable.

Demarc, T-1, Special Circuit Extending

Extension of the ISP network or data line to reach a wiring closet or data distribution system in order to integrate it with the network.

Our Process:

inoVo can meet on site to discuss your company’s cabling infrastructure needs.

Our experts have over two decades of design experience and are certified by leading industry manufactures.

We provide on site project management to ensure timely, quality project completions.

Professional design and installation of certified cabling infrastructures including closet build out, core drilling, demarcation point extensions, termination and cross connects, existing cable removal and disposal.

Toning, testing and labeling for all cables installed. Test results can be provided in a hard copy or pdf format.

Relocation & Shutdown

inoVo is focused on managing the relocation of office computer equipment, network infrastructure & data centers and the removal of legacy IT assets & facilities infrastructure.

We are able to provide our customers with services that support the entire project lifecycle from establishing the strategy to implementing the systems, through to transferring systems into the new environment.


From a system across a room to a data center in another geography, once your systems are powered down, inoVo provides the services:

Unrack/deinstall your devices and rails
Package & transportation to the new site
Install your systems at the end location
Testing and validation according to pre-move checklists, leaving systems installed, fully operational and ready for use


Unrack/deinstall your devices
Package & transportation to customer or inoVo facilities

Having had the experience of working alongside some of the worlds most technologically advanced and innovative companies, we understand the importance of establishing a collaborative approach to maintaining the availability of business services and will actively participate with your teams through this period of change, ensuring that there is minimal impact on on-going business operations.

Expand. Differentiate. Profit.

Work with the team that delivers IT Services Globally across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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1201 Main Street STE 1320
Dallas, Texas 75202

Telephone: +1.214.396.3745×200
© Copyright 2017 – inoVo Inc. All rights reserved.